Code NIC 2008 - 3030 Manufacture of air and spacecraft and related machinery

This class excludes:

- manufacture of parachutes, see 1322

- manufacture of military ordinance and ammunition, see 2520

- manufacture of telecommunication equipment for satellites, see 2630

- manufacture of aircraft instrumentation and aeronautical instruments, see 2651

- manufacture of air navigation systems, see 2651

- manufacture of lighting equipment for aircraft, see 2740

- manufacture of ignition parts and other electrical parts for internal combustion engines, see 2790

- manufacture of pistons, piston rings and carburetors, see 2811

- manufacture of aircraft launching gear, aircraft carrier catapults and related equipment, see 2829

30301Manufacture of airplanes
30302Manufacture of helicopters
30303Manufacture of gliders, hang-gliders, dirigibles and hot air balloons and other non-powered aircraft
30304Manufacture of spacecraft and launch vehicles, satellites, planetary probes, orbital stations, shuttles, intercontinental ballistic (ICBM) and similar missiles
30305Manufacture of parts and accessories of the aircraft and spacecraft of this class (major assemblies such as fuselages, wings, doors, control surfaces, landing gear, fuel tanks, nacelles, airscrews, helicopter rotors and propelled rotor blades, motors