Code NIC 2008 - 2821 Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery

This class excludes:

- manufacture of non-power-driven agricultural hand tools, see 2593

- manufacture of conveyors for farm use, see 2816

- manufacture of power-driven hand tools, see 2818

- manufacture of cream separators, see 2825

- manufacture of machinery to clean, sort or grade seed, grain or dried leguminous vegetables, see 2825

- manufacture of road tractors for semi-trailers, see 2910

- manufacture of road trailers or semi-trailers, see 2920

28211Manufacture of tractors used in agriculture and forestry
28212Manufacture of ploughs, manure spreaders, seeders, harrows and similar agricultural machinery for soil preparation, planting or fertilizing, harvesting or threshing machinery
28213Manufacture of spraying machinery for agricultural use
28219Manufacture of other agricultural and forestry machinery n.e.c.