Code NIC 2008 - 2819 Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery

This class excludes:

- manufacture of sensitive (laboratory-type) balances, see 2651

- manufacture of domestic refrigerating or freezing equipment, see 2750

- manufacture of domestic fans, see 2750

- manufacture of electrical welding and soldering equipment, see 2790

- manufacture of agricultural spraying machinery, see 2821

- manufacture of metal or glass rolling machinery and cylinders thereof, see 2823, 2829

- manufacture of agricultural dryers, machinery for filtering or purifying food, see 2825

- manufacture of cream separators, see 2825

- manufacture of commercial clothes dryers, see 2826

- manufacture of textile printing machinery, see 2826

28191Manufacture of refrigerating or freezing equipment f industrial use, including assemblies of major components
28192Manufacture of air-conditioning machines, including motor vehicles air-conditioners
28193Manufacture of fire extinguishers and other equipment for projecting, dispersing or spraying liquids or powders whether or not hand-operated, including sand blasting machines, stream cleaning machines etc.
28194Manufacture of weighing machinery (other than sensitive laboratory balances)
28195Manufacture of filtering and purifying machinery or apparatus for liquids and gases
28199Manufacture of other general purpose machinery n.e.c. ( fans intended for industrial applications, exhaust hoods for commercial, laboratory or industrial use; calendering or other rolling machines other than for metals or glass; gaskets and similar j