Code NIC 2008 - 2220 Manufacture of plastics products

This class excludes:

- manufacture of plastic luggage, see 1512

- manufacture of plastic footwear, see 1520

- manufacture of plastics in primary forms, see 2013

- manufacture of articles of synthetic or natural rubber, see 221

- manufacture of plastic furniture, see 3100

- manufacture of mattresses of uncovered cellular plastic, see 3100

- manufacture of plastic sports requisites, see 3230

- manufacture of plastic games and toys, see 3240

- manufacture of plastic medical and dental appliances, see 3250

- manufacture of plastic ophthalmic goods, see 3250

- manufacture of plastics hard hats and other personal safety equipment of plastics, see 3290

22201Manufacture of semi-finished of plastic products (plastic plates, sheets, blocks, film, foil, strip etc.)
22202Manufacture of tableware, kitchenware and other household articles and toilet articles of plastic, including manufacture of vacuum flasks and other vacuum vessels
22203Manufacture of plastic articles for the packing of goods (plastic bags, sacks, containers, boxes, cases, carboys, bottles etc.)
22204Manufacture of bathing tubs, wash-basins, lavatory pans and covers, flushing cisterns and similar sanitary-ware of plastics
22205Manufacture of travel goods of plastics (suitcase, vanity bags, holdalls and similar articles)
22206Manufacture of spectacle frames of plastic
22207Manufacture of moulded industrial accessories of plastics
22208Manufacture of polymer/ synthetic / PVC water storage tanks
22209Manufacture of other plastics products n.e.c.