Code NIC 2008 - 2011 Manufacture of basic chemicals

This class excludes:

- extraction of methane, ethane, butane or propane, see 0620

- manufacture of fuel gases such as ethane, butane or propane in a petroleum refinery, see 1920

- manufacture of nitrogenous fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, see 2012 - manufacture of ammonia, see 2012

- manufacture of ammonium chloride, see 2012

- manufacture of nitrites and nitrates of potassium, see 2012

- manufacture of ammonium carbonates, see 2012

- manufacture of plastics in primary forms, see 2013

- manufacture of synthetic rubber in primary forms, see 2013 - manufacture of prepared dyes and pigments, see 2022

- manufacture of crude glycerol, see 2023

- manufacture of natural essential oils, see 2029

- manufacture of aromatic distilled waters, see 2029

- manufacture of salicylic and O-acetylsalicylic acids, see 2100

20111Manufacture of liquefied or compressed inorganic industrial or medical gases (elemental gases, liquid or compressed air, refrigerant gases, mixed industrial gases etc.)
20112Manufacture of inorganic acids except nitric acid
20113Manufacture of tanning or dying extracts; tannings and their derivatives and colouring matter (including manufacture of indigo)
20114Manufacture of dyes and pigments from any source in basic form or as concentrate
20115Manufacture of turpentine and resins of vegetable origin
20116Manufacture of basic chemical elements
20117Manufacture of distilled water
20118Manufacture of synthetic aromatic products
20119Manufacture of organic and inorganic chemical compounds n.e.c.