Code NIC 2008 - 1629 Manufacture of other products of wood; manufacture of articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials

This class excludes:

- manufacture of mats or matting of textile materials, see 1322 - manufacture of luggage, see 1512

- manufacture of wooden footwear, see 1520 - manufacture of matches, see 2029

- manufacture of clock cases, see 2652

- manufacture of wooden spools and bobbins that are part of textile machinery, see 2826

- manufacture of furniture, see 3100

- manufacture of wooden toys, see 3240

- manufacture of brushes and brooms, see 3290

- manufacture of caskets, see 3290

16291Manufacture of wooden industrial goods
16292Manufacture of cork and cork products
16293Manufacture of wooden agricultural implements
16294Manufacture of various articles made of bamboo, cane and grass
16295Manufacture of broomsticks
16296Manufacture of articles made of palm leaf, dhak leaf, screw-pine leaf and khajoor leaf; articles of vegetables fibre etc.
16297Manufacture of products of pith and shalapith
16299Manufacture of other wood products n.e.c.