Code NIC 2008 - 1311 Preparation and spinning of textile fibres

This class excludes:

- preparatory operations carried out in combination with agriculture or farming, see 01

- retting of plants bearing vegetable textile fibres (jute, flax, coir etc.), see 0116

- cotton ginning, see 0163

- manufacture of synthetic or artificial fibres and tows, manufacture of single yarns (including high-tenacity yarn and yarn for carpets) of synthetic or artificial fibres, see 2030

- manufacture of glass fibres, see 2310

13111Preparation and spinning of cotton fiber including blended* cotton
13112Preparation and spinning of silk fiber including blended* silk
13113Preparation and spinning of wool, including other animal hair and blended* wool including other animal hair
13114Preparation and spinning of man-made fiber including blended* man-made fiber
13119Preparation and spinning of jute, mesta and other natural fibers including blended natural fibers n.e.c. *Blended yarn/fabrics means, yarn/fabrics containing more than 50% of one fiber.