Code NIC 2008 - 1050 Manufacture of dairy products

This class excludes:

- production of raw milk (cattle), see 0141

- production of raw milk (camels, etc.), see 0143

- production of raw milk (sheep, goats, horses, asses, etc.), see 0144

- manufacture of non-dairy milk and cheese substitutes, see 1079

- activities of ice cream parlours, see 5610

10501Manufacture of pasteurised milk whether or not in bottles/ polythene packs etc. (plain or flavoured)
10502Manufacture of milk-powder, ice-cream powder and condensed milk except baby milk food
10503Manufacture of baby milk foods
10504Manufacture of cream, butter, cheese, curd, ghee, khoya etc.
10505Manufacture of ice-cream, kulfi etc.
10509Manufacture of other dairy products n.e.c.