Code NIC 2008 - 0311 Marine fishing

This class excludes:

- capturing of marine mammals, except whales, e.g. walruses, seals, see 0170

- processing of fish, crustaceans and molluscs on factory ships or in factories ashore, see 1020

- rental of pleasure boats with crew for sea and coastal water transport (e.g. for fishing cruises), see 5011

- fishing inspection, protection and patrol services, see 8423

- fishing practiced for sport or recreation and related services, see 9319

- operation of sport fishing preserves, see 9319

03111Fishing on a commercial basis including taking of marine crustaceans and molluscs in ocean and coastal waters
03112Gathering of other marine organisms and materials such as natural pearls, sponges, coral and algae
03113Activities of vessels engaged in fishing and in processing and preserving of fish