Code NIC 2008 - 4669 Wholesale of waste and scrap and other products n.e.c.

This class excludes:

- collection of household and industrial waste, see 381

- treatment of waste, not for a further use in an industrial manufacturing process, but with the aim of disposal, see 382

- processing of waste and scrap and other articles into secondary raw material when a real transformation process is required (the resulting secondary raw material is fit for direct use in an industrial manufacturing process, but is not a final product), see 3830

- dismantling of automobiles, computers, televisions and other equipment for materials recovery, see 3830

- shredding of cars by means of a mechanical process, see 3830

- ship-breaking, see 3830

- retail sale of second-hand goods, see 4774

46691Wholesale of industrial chemicals
46692Wholesale of fertilizers and agrochemical products
46693Wholesale of plastic materials in primary forms
46694Wholesale of rubber
46695Wholesale of textile fibres etc.
46696Wholesale of paper in bulk
46697Wholesale of precious stones
46699Wholesale of metal and non-metal waste and scrap n.e.c.