Code NIC 2008 - 4630 Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco

This class includes wholesale of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, eggs & edible oils & fats, meat, fishery products, sugar confectionery & bakery products, beverages, coffee, tea, cocoa and spices, manufactured tobacco & tobacco products etc.

This class excludes:

- blending of wine or distilled spirits, see 1101, 1102

46301Wholesale of fruits & vegetables
46302Wholesale of raw milk & dairy products
46303Wholesale of meat, fish & eggs
46304Wholesale of confectionery, bakery products and beverages other than intoxicants
46305Wholesale of edible oils, fats, sugar and processed/manufactured spices etc.
46306Wholesale of tea, coffee & cocoa
46307Wholesale of manufactured tobacco & tobacco products
46308Wholesale of intoxicants like wines and liquors
46309Wholesale of other basic/manufactured food stuffs n.e.c.