Code NIC 2008 - 4610 Wholesale on a fee or contract basis

This class includes activities of commission agents, commodity brokers, auctioneers and all other wholesalers who trade on behalf and on the account of others and activities of those involved in bringing sellers and buyers together or undertaking commercial transactions on behalf of a principal, including on the internet

This class excludes:

- wholesale trade in own name, see 462 to 469

- activities of commission agents for motor vehicles, see 4510

- auctions of motor vehicles, see 4510

- retail sale by non-store commission agents, see 4799

- activities of insurance agents, see 6622

- activities of real estate agents, see 6820

46101Activities of commission agents, brokers dealing in wholesale trade of agricultural raw material, live animals, food, beverages, intoxicants and textiles
46102Activities of commission agents dealing in wholesale trade inwood, paper, skin, leather and fur, fuel, petroleum products, chemicals, perfumery and cosmetics, glass, minerals, ores and metals
46103Activities of commission agents dealing in wholesale trade in machinery & equipment, other than transport machinery
46109Activities of other commission agents n.e.c. (including commission agents working in emerging areas for wholesale trade