Code NIC 2008 - 3313 Repair of electronic and optical equipment

This class includes repair and maintenance of goods produced in groups 265, 266 and 267, except those that are considered household goods.

This class excludes:

- repair of photocopy machines, see 3312

- repair and maintenance of computers and peripheral equipment, see 9511

- repair of computer projectors, see 9511

- repair and maintenance of communication equipment, see 9512

- repair of commercial TV and video cameras, see 9512

- repair of household-type video cameras, see 9521

- repair of watches and clocks, see 9529

33131Repair and maintenance of measuring, testing, navigating and control equipment of group 265
33132Repair and maintenance of irradiation, electromedical and electro theraputic equipmemts of class 2660
33133Repair and maintenance of optical instruments and equipment of class 2670