Code NIC 2008 - 3312 Repair of machinery

This class includes repair and maintenance of industrial machinery and equipment like sharpening or installing commercial and industrial machinery

blades and saws or the provision of welding (e.g. automotive, general) repair

services; the repair of agricultural and other heavy and industrial machinery and equipment (e.g. forklifts and other materials handling equipment, machine tools, commercial refrigeration equipment, construction equipment, and mining machinery), comprising machinery and equipment of division

This class excludes:

- installation of furnaces and other heating equipment, see 4322

33121Repair and maintenance of engines and turbines excluding aircraft, vehicle and cycle engines
33122Repair and maintenance of pumps and related equipment, fluid power equipment, valves
33123Repair and maintenance of metal cutting and metal forming machine tools and accessories, power-driven hand-tools and other machine tools
33124Repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery and forestry and logging machinery including agricultural tractors
33125Repair and maintenance of mining, construction, and oil and gas field machinery; metallurgy machinery
33126Repair and maintenance of food, beverage, and tobacco processing machinery
33127Repair and maintenance of textile apparel, leather production machinery and papermaking machinery
33129Repair and maintenance of other special purpose machinery of division 28 (weighing equipment, vending machines, cash registers, photocopy machines, calculators, typewriters etc.)