Code NIC 2008 - 3100 Manufacture of furniture

This class includes manufacture of furniture of any kind, any material (except stone, concrete or ceramic) for any place and various purposes

This class excludes:

- manufacture of pillows, pouffes, cushions, quilts and eiderdowns, see 1322

- manufacture of inflatable rubber mattresses, see 2219

- manufacture of furniture of ceramics, concrete and stone, see 2393, 2395, 2396

- manufacture of lighting fittings or lamps, see 2740

- blackboards, see 2817

- manufacture of car seats, railway seats, aircraft seats, see 2930, 3020, 3030

- modular furniture attachment and installation, partition installation, laboratory equipment furniture installation, see 4330

31001Manufacture of furniture made of wood
31002Manufacture of furniture made of cane & reed
31003Manufacture of furniture primarily of metal
31004Manufacture of furniture primarily of plastic
31005Manufacture of mattresses and pillows
31009Manufacture of other furniture n.e.c.